A Traveler's Guide to Heaven

Are you prepared for lift-off?

Sunday, November 22, 2020, 6:30 — 7:30 pm

Attend either live at St. Mary’s parish or at home by livestream

At Mass we say, “I look forward to the resurrection of the body and the life of the world to come.” O really? Do you LOOK FORWARD to it?! In this talk Steve Patton will review:

  • What the Church believes about death and the amazing life following it
  • Science-based evidence for the immortality of the soul and an afterlife
  • Why fear of dying is only natural, but fear of death is unnecessary
  • How best to get ready for your voyage into Eternity

There’s no cost. Come either in person to St. Mary’s parish (350 Stinson Ave, Vacaville, CA) or virtually by clicking here

Steve Patton is a Community Liaison for Catholic Funeral & Cemetery Services of the Diocese of Sacramento.  A former trial lawyer, he received an M.A. in Theology from Franciscan University in 1997 and has worked for the Catholic Church ever since.





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