Baptismal Preparation Team

Preparing and Assisting Families to Celebrate the Sacrament of Baptism For Their Children

As young  families come forward desiring  to have their children baptized, St. Mary's   welcomes them into our faith family.  The "Welcoming Teams"  will assist  in the preparation of the families for the celebration of the Sacrament with  an evening of class.

The members of this team are here to help in the formation of the parents and godparents of the children who are about to be baptized.  More than introducing the Rite of Baptism to the parents and godparents, this team also reinforces the faith of the family so that they can truly and faithfully hand the faith that we all share to the one who is about to be welcomed into our family of faith. 

For a guide to celebrating the Sacrament of Baptism here in our parish, please refer to our Sacraments page.

For inquiries and/or desire to join this team,  please call the parish office (707) 448-2390