Environment Committee

Creating a Sacred Space Where We All Can Praise and Glorify Our God

The members of this group  assist in the planning,  preparing and decorating of our Church  throughout the  Liturgical Year.  They create an environment that is welcoming and sacred, one  that evokes a prayerful atmosphere to anybody who visits our Church. Either as a gathered community of believers, or alone  in prayer,  the environment created  assists us to a prayerful mode that ultimately makes us experience and encounter Jesus.   Throughout the liturgucal year, our decorations change according to season.  While the members of this group have been blessed with a passion to decorate, we need also need help in this ministry to move things around, and sometimes, even  to hang banners. 

If interested to join this ministry, please call the office for more information.

Office number: (707) 448 - 2390.