Helping Hands

Praying and Remembering the Deceased through our presence to one another.

Funeral Reception Ministry

This ministry assists and ministers to the grieving family members and their friends with the reception, so that they may have a space to come together and be nourished by one another's presence and with the food that is served.  While this ministry is certainly a Martha (cf. Luke 10: 38 - 42) oriented ministry, the members of this group also include the deceased and the  grieving families in their private and personal prayers. 


The ministry will provide the following supplies and services:

  • Setup tables and chairs, including serving tables, memory table, and/or easel.  (all tables will be covered with white tablecloths)

  • All paper products, including dinner and dessert plates, napkins, hot and cold cups, and plastic eating utensils.

  • Fresh flowers in bud vases are placed on the tables.

  • Beverages, limited to coffee, punch and ice water.

  • Desserts

  • Maintain food and beverages throughout the reception.

  • Breakdown and cleanup of the parish hall following the reception.

The food that is served  in the reception is provided by the family of the deceased click here for a list of caterers used (Caterers are not endorsed by St. Mary's Parish).

All food should be delivered to the parish hall prior to the funeral service.  Volunteers will be on hand to accept food and assist you in any way possible.  Ovens and a refrigerator are available.  Reception must end by 2:30pm.

There is no charge for the use of the parish hall or for the above services, however donations* are gladly accepted, and will be used to defray future expenses.  Donation checks made payable to St. Mary's Church are to be collected by the funeral home.                                                            

*Donation guidelines: 

 Up to 60 persons, $100

61 to 120 persons, $200

121 to 180 persons, $300

Over 180 persons, $400                   

Phone:  Marie Hernandez at 707-718-6471.                       

Parish office telephone number is (707) 448-2390/ Fax: 707-448-2818

If interested to join this group, please call Marie Hernandez or the parish office.