Respect Life Ministry

Meeting Times and Dates...Mark your calendar!!!

Please join us at one of our Meetings.  Currently we are holding Joint meetings with our Respect Life Ministry and The Gabriel Project Ministry (any changes will be announced refer to the webpage address below).

***NEXT MEETING WILL BE ON THURSDAY, JANUARY 10TH 2019, at 6pm, Room 7. *** 

Except for the notice above, Normal Meetings are: The 2nd & 4th Thursdays of every month at 6:00- 7:30pm in Parish Hall, Room 7.
All Parishioners of St. Mary’s and St. Joseph’s are invited!!

...Mark your Calendar!!! double-click here (currently under-construction...)

For more information, please call the Rectory Office @ (707) 448-2390 or Clarence Lewis @ 707-631-1545 and/or email

Respect Life Activities & Topics of Interest:

Walk for Life West Coast 2019 is coming soon, on January 26, 2019 Sign-ups are available in the GIFT SHOP and at the Rectory Office to January 21, 2019.  Secure your seat on the Bus from St. Mary's ASAP!!!  You can also sponsor a child under 17 years old to go on the Walk by a simple $ donation.   Buses will be leaving from the parking lot at St. Mary's at 10am on Saturday morning. Please sign up by contacting us at our email address: or leave your contact information at the Rectory Office 707-448-2390. ....(seats are limited so sign-up now!!).  Youth under 17 yrs old are FREE, adults $25/seat.


Also coming soon!!!  Saturday, April 27, 2019 is the date of the first annual Our Holy Family Walk.  It will be a joint effort between St. Mary's and St. Joseph's parishes. Stay tuned for more information....


50th Anniversary of Humanae Vitae videos: by Christopher West>> and from Dr. Janet Smith of Christendom College>>


Many thanks to Ms. Anna Bakh !!! from Students for Life of America for a very informative speaker event in November!!  We will have her back again during the summer of 2019, stay tuned for details.


Life issues in U.S. Legislation

Update on SB-320. California governor vetoes campus "abortion pill" law...(article by Catholic News Agency on Sept. 6, 2018)

The Gabriel Project - Activities & Topics of Interest:

The Gabriel Project of California website:

***TO ALL ST. MARY'S PARISHIONERS! THANK YOU FOR YOUR KIND GENEROSITY IN MAKING OUR Oct. 6-7th "GABRIEL PROJECT BASKET" FUND DRIVE, A GREAT SUCCESS!!!  We exceeded our goal, and will be acknowledging those "key" donors, so keep posted....


The Gabriel Project "Basket" & Table of Plenty (October 6-7, 2018)

Img 0315

Mother Mary & baby Jesus overseeing the "Gabriel Basket's table of plenty"...

The Gabriel Project Crew (Friday group)

Img 0318
on a wing and a prayer...ut infantem in mater eius Mariam et Lazarum Jesus.

Respecting God's greatest gifts, from Conception to Natural Death

This ministry promotes the sanctity of human life from conception to natural death through prayers, education and support for crisis pregnancy homes and centers.  The members also participate and promote the Annual WALK FOR LIFE event in San Francisico.  

The unifying goal of the Respect Life office is to serve as a loving witness to the fundamental truth that every human life is sacred and worth living. 

“Truth without compassion

Leads to harsh authoritarianism.

Compassion without truth

Leads to permissive anarchy.

It was the Truth that set me free,

And the compassion of others that removed my shame.

~ Bernadette Goulding, Rachel’s Vineyard Coordinator for Ireland and the UK.

THIS IS THE 50TH ANNIVERSARY OF HUMANAE here for a 31 minute video by Christopher West on Humane Vitae: The Most Controversial Church Document of Modern Times >>>

Movies of Interest:

 "Unprotected", the movie trailer by Don Johnson



Gosnell, the movie trailer:

A story based on the actions of Philadelphia abortionist Dr. Kermit Gosnell.



Special Screening of "UNPROTECTED" the Movie

Hello Respect Life and Gabriel Project Supporters at St. Mary's Parish:

The special screening of the new Movie by Don Johnson Ministries called "Unprotected" was a great success. We were able to achieve our 78 person minimum capacity at Edwards Theatre. Mr. Don Johnson was take a short Q&A, and sell books and DVDs.  Overall it was a very nice showing that parishioners (of Solano County parishes) do come out in force with a surprise visit from Fr. Blaise Berg of St. Mary's Church in Vacaville.  The Movie is well-made film about the nuances of the world and church teachings (e.g. the Theology of the Body, the pill, JPII and the perils of sexual chaos over the last half century and the untold damage to millions of people).

You can go to your parish and request a copy or go directly to his website at

c/o St. Mary's Respect Life & the Gabriel Project Ministry

Q & A for Respect Life & Gabriel Project

It's best to reach the rectory secretary during business hours or our direct Rectory line 707-448-2390 to leave a message for a call-back from a Respect Life or Gabriel Project ministry representative. Also, you can email us at and one of our coordinators will get back to you ASAP.

The Walk for Life, West Coast on January 26, 2019. An extension has been made to the payment deadline to Monday, January 21. Sign-ups can be made at the St. Mary's Gift Shop or at the Rectory Office.

We raise awareness to the precepts of the Catholic Church through the Catechism and "to affirm the dignity of human life, embracing the certain reality that society must respect, defend, and promote life at every moment and in every condition, without regard to distinction. In addition, we are involved throughout the year with activities such as the Annual WALK FOR LIFE- WEST COAST  held in San Francisco.  We do sign-ups in December and January and take several buses to downtown S.F. to join our brethren in providing a vocal and visual message that people of the West Coast stand for Life.  To reach out to women harmed by abortion and to inform society of the damage done to women and our society by the evils of abortion.

An event on January 29, 2019 in San Francisco which purpose is "to change the perceptions of a society that thinks abortion is an answer". Abortion does violence to women and to their children, both physically and emotionally. We deserve better than abortion.

Mission Statement: We intend to establish a new West Coast tradition of celebrating life and we’re calling for solidarity among women and all people of good will in affirming human life.
Abortion harms women and men; it divides families and society. Women–and all people–deserve better than abortion.
We strive to shed light on all issues of life, but particularly to change hearts hurt by the violence of abortion.

The Gabriel Project is a parish-based ministry to support pregnant mother and their unborn children. When you call the 1-800-910-0191 help line you will be matched with a parish coordinator that will contact the caller to make an initial assessment of her situation. A parish volunteer (Angel) is assigned the responsibility for ongoing contact with the mother throughout her pregnancy and somewhat beyond. An initial meeting will further asses her needs. The parish community responds with love by providing spiritual, emotional and material support to help meet those needs. Through prayer and action they assure the mother that she has their love and the love of Christ. You can learn more about the ministry by calling the rectory at 707-448-2390.

Catholic News Today

Abortion rates in US hit historic low, CDC report finds...

Archbishop Vigano's Response Third Letter...

A word of encouragement from Elisha the Prophet... from Msgr Charles Pope

Motivation remains unclear for Vatican request that U.S. bishops delay action....

The Challenge of Being a Christian by Matt Nelson (November 14, 2018)

Contemplating Beauty in Music by Domincans fo the Province of St. Joseph (November 7, 2018)