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Respecting God's greatest gifts, from Conception to Natural Death

This ministry promotes the sanctity of human life from conception to natural death through prayers, education and support for crisis pregnancy homes and centers.  The members also participate and promote the Annual WALK FOR LIFE event in San Francisico.  

The unifying goal of the Respect Life office is to serve as a loving witness to the fundamental truth that every human life is sacred and worth living. 

“Truth without compassion

Leads to harsh authoritarianism.

Compassion without truth

Leads to permissive anarchy.

It was the Truth that set me free,

And the compassion of others that removed my shame.

~ Bernadette Goulding, Rachel’s Vineyard Coordinator for Ireland and the UK.

THIS IS THE 50TH ANNIVERSARY OF HUMANAE here for a 31 minute video by Christopher West on Humane Vitae: The Most Controversial Church Document of Modern Times >>>

Respect Life Topics - PRAYER WARRIORS sign-up here!!!


Prayer Vigils at PP Sites

"Pray with us for the Unborn Souls"

St. Mary's Church Respect Life Ministry and members of the Holy Spirit Church in Fairfield come together each week for our “Wednesday Witness”.  This is a time in which we pray rosaries for the Unborn at the Planned Parenthood facility at 1325 Travis Blvd. in Fairfield.  These prayerful vigils take place at the site every Wednesday throughout the year between 7:00 a.m. and noon (Wednesday is the day of the week on which surgical abortions take place there).  The SMC Respect Life Group also prays at the "Memorial for the Unborn" (on the right side of the Church) every Sunday at 3:15 pm. 

All interested parishioners are invited to join our ministry members for these important ongoing prayer vigils.   Bring your rosary and Pro-Life intentions for special prayers for the most vulnerable among us, the Unborn Members of our ministry are available to answer any questions you may have.

If you have questions on these events, contact Clarence Lewis of the Respect Life Ministry at 707-631-1545, or via email at 


Join our "PRAYER CHAIN" with Alpha Clinics of Northern California

"No-Not-This-One" campaign....

Every time we learn of a woman considering abortion we send an anonymous text asking for prayer. Don't worry - it's not a group text so nobody else will see your number and you won't be bothered with incessant buzzing.



50th Anniversary of Humanae Vitae videos: by Christopher West>> and from Dr. Janet Smith of Christendom College>>


Many thanks to Ms. Anna Bakh !!! from Students for Life of America for a very informative speaker event in November 2018!!  We will have her back again during the summer of 2019, stay tuned for details. 

Students for Life of America

Other Respect Life Activities

Relay Race

The Respect Life Ministry at St. Mary’s participated in the “A Cross America Relay Walk/Run for Pro-Lifers” on 7/5 and 7/6.

What is that ?The largest Pro-Life event in the world with 1,528 legs covering 5,359 miles throughout the U.S.

St. Mary's Respect Life group walked Leg 30 (2.9 miles in Vacaville), Leg 31 (5miles in Vacaville) and Leg 32 (approx 1.5 miles from Vacaville to Dixon). 

All who participated in this wonderful event, enjoyed great fellowship, healthy exercise and beautiful vistas, with stops for Eucharistic Adoration and prayers for the Unborn at St. Joseph's Church in Vacaville and St. Peter's Church in Dixon. 

Plan to join us for an upcoming pro-life walk and stay tuned for more info! 

If you have questions about our walks, contact Clarence Lewis at 707- 631-1545 or

Meeting Times and Dates...Mark your calendar!!!

Please join us at one of our Meetings!!  All Parishioners of St. Mary’s and St. Joseph’s are invited!!

Click here to view the parish calendar for meeting dates. 

We hold separate monthly meetings with our Respect Life Ministry and Gabriel Project Ministry groups. 

  • Monthly meetings of the Respect Life Ministry will be held on the 4th Thursday of each month, from 6 - 7:30 pm in Room 7 of the Parish Hall. So, the next monthly meeting of this ministry will be held on Thursday, 7/25.  
  • Monthly meetings of The Gabriel Project will be held on the 2nd Thursday of each month, from 6 - 7:30 pm in Room 7 of the Parish Hall. So, the next monthly meeting of that ministry will be held on Thursday, 7/11.

In addition, we hold quarterly joint meetings to bring the Respect Life and the Gabriel Project groups together.  The next quarterly joint meeting (which will also serve as a regular monthly meeting of the Respect Life group for July) will be held on 7/25.

We are very pleased that Steve Patton, Respect Life Director for the Diocese of Sacramento will attend our meeting.

For more information on Respect Life meetings, please call the Rectory Office @ (707) 448-2390 or Clarence Lewis @ 707-631-1545 and/or email

Minutes of Respect Life Ministry Meetings

Life issues in U.S. Legislation

Please urge your congressional representatives to VOTE NO on SB-24!  As informed California Catholics we should be informed that the current Senate Bill is designed to turn all CA public universities into first trimester abortion providers! 

This bill was previously known as SB-320 in 2018, which was vetoed by then Gov. Jerry Brown before leaving office. It is now back as SB-24 and going through the Hearing process in the State Assembly.  It has passed in the Senate.   Click here for more info:



Educational Resources

Click on to find out whether a business contributes directly or indirectly to a group, organization, or cause that is liberal and is likely to violate Church teaching, or instead, is a business that contributes to a group, organization or cause that is conservative and is likely to support Church teaching.

1: A score of 1 indicates direct donations or direct support to a liberal group, cause, organization, or non-profit.

2: A score of 2 indicates indirect donations or indirect support to a liberal group, cause or organization or non-profit. For example: When a company contributes to a United Way chapter that funds Planned Parenthood.

3: A score of 3 indicates neutrality on an issue. Either a company has no record of supporting or not supporting any issue or the company has given to equally between liberal and conservative groups, causes, organizations and non-profits.

4: A score of 4 indicates indirect donations or support to a conservative group, cause, organization or non-profit.

5. A score of 5 indicates direct donations or supports to a conservative group, cause, organization or non-profit

Here are some of the companies that have been extracted from the comprehensive list of employers providing adoption assistance, available at Resources 4

1 American Express

2. Bank of America

3. General Electric

4. Valero Energy Foundation

Click here to access the site: Resources 4

Movies of Interest:

Unplanned, the movie trailer 

The story of Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood facility Director of eight years who is now passionately pro-life


 "Unprotected", the movie trailer by Don Johnson



Gosnell, the movie trailer:

A story based on the actions of Philadelphia abortionist Dr. Kermit Gosnell.


2019 Walk A Cross America Relay Pics

Enlarged 30
Enlarged Leg 31b
Enlarged Leg 32

Leg 30  7/5/19

Leg 31  7/6/19

Leg 32  7/6/19 (end of leg)

Q & A for Respect Life & Gabriel Project

It's best to reach the rectory secretary during business hours or our direct Rectory line 707-448-2390 to leave a message for a call-back from a Respect Life or Gabriel Project ministry representative. Also, you can email us at and one of our coordinators will get back to you ASAP.

*(Refer to the first column of this webpage for meeting & activity details). St. Mary's Church Respect Life Ministry members pray the Rosary in front of the Planned Parenthood building, 1325 Travis Blvd. in Fairfield, every Wednesday between 7 and noon. The ministry members also meet at the Memorial for the Unborn at the side of the Church at 3:15 pm each Sunday to pray for an end to abortion. To join in this important ministry work, please contact Clarence Lewis by phone at 707-631-1545, or via email at Please join us and bring your rosary and Pro-Life intentions for special prayers for the most vulnerable among us, the Unborn.

We raise awareness to the precepts of the Catholic Church through the Catechism and "to affirm the dignity of human life, embracing the certain reality that society must respect, defend, and promote life at every moment and in every condition, without regard to distinction. In addition, we are involved throughout the year with activities such as the Annual WALK FOR LIFE- WEST COAST  held in San Francisco.  We do sign-ups in December and January and take several buses to downtown S.F. to join our brethren in providing a vocal and visual message that people of the West Coast stand for Life.  To reach out to women harmed by abortion and to inform society of the damage done to women and our society by the evils of abortion.

*Next year’s WFL 2020 date is still pending. This event is held in San Francisco and which purpose is "to change the perceptions of a society that thinks abortion is an answer". Abortion does violence to women and to their children, both physically and emotionally. We deserve better than abortion.

Mission Statement: We intend to establish a new West Coast tradition of celebrating life and we’re calling for solidarity among women and all people of good will in affirming human life.
Abortion harms women and men; it divides families and society. Women–and all people–deserve better than abortion.
We strive to shed light on all issues of life, but particularly to change hearts hurt by the violence of abortion.

Walk for Life 2019 pics

The Gabriel Project is a parish-based ministry to support pregnant mothers and their unborn children. When you call the 1-800-910-0191 help line you will be matched with a parish coordinator who will contact the caller to make an initial assessment of her situation.

A parish volunteer (Angel) is assigned the responsibility for ongoing contact with the mother throughout her pregnancy and somewhat beyond. An initial meeting will further assess her needs. The parish community responds with love by providing spiritual, emotional and material support to help meet those needs.

Through prayer and action the community assures each mother that she has their love and the love of Christ.

You can learn more about the ministry by calling the rectory at 707-448-2390.

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