Parish Council Members

Left to right:  Bob Hyland, Elizabeth Belo, Fred Zilz, Stephanie Pacheco, Don Krch, Gina Keck, Wyman Adcock, Louis Salvatore, Jim Gribi, Deacon Rob Vandergraaf and Michael Oswalt.

Not pictured:   Brian Esquivas and Yureli Castro

Parish Council

The Diocesan Statues of the Third Diocesan Synod state that a “functioning Pastoral Council is required in each parish” of the Diocese.  The Statues state further: “The pastor presides over the Council.  The chairperson of the Council is to be other than the pastor or parochial vicar.  The names of the Chair, members and meeting schedules of the Council are to be made known to the parishioners and to the Diocesan Bishop by means of an annual report.”  (Diocesan Statute, no. 58) Moreover, the Code of Canon Law states that through the Parish Council “the Christian faithful along with those who share in the pastoral care of the parish in virtue of their office give their help in fostering pastoral activity.” (Code of Canon Law, Can. 536, par. 1)